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The Martial Family Legacy
MKK 15 Year Anniversary Logo

On April 1st, 2000, founder, Master Angel G. Martial,opened the Garden City, Kansas Dojo; bringing with him (from California) over 35 years of experience in Kenpo Karate. Master Martial's experience as a successful martial artist and business owner has brought him a respected name in the community and its surrounding areas for his genuine lineage of Karate, traditional teaching methods, and positive guidance. Within its first three years, Martial's Kenpo Karate became a well known school that also began to turn out new talent in the Sport Karate world. Now proudly representing Southwest Kansas, Master Martial and the M.K.K. organization began to create champions at all levels from local to national status, but winning tournaments wasn't his only mission. Martial also helped students build personal qualities like character, self-esteem, and self-confidence in class, and gave each student an opportunity to better themselves at school, home, and work. Unfortunately as much as Master Martial helped everyone that came into his life, no one could help him beat his toughest opponent; Cancer.

Angel lost his battle on January nineteenth 2008, shortly after he was inducted as a charter member into the International Kenpo Hall of Fame (in 2007), for his years of service to the art. A well deserved recognition for Master Martial. Although he rests now peacefully, he is remembered for all he did for his family, friends and students.

Mr. Juan A. Martial, now keeps the Martial legacy alive as the owner and Head Instructor of Martial's Kenpo Karate. His goal is to continue teaching the art that is taught to him by his master, and fulfill the expectations of his father, by keeping the school flourishing for years to come. Although a legacy has been passed down, there still will only be one Master, and he (Master Angel G. Martial) will forever be Martial's Kenpo Karate.


Offering a lifetime of experience, Mr. Juan A. Martial, began his training in the art of Kenpo Karate at the early age of five. Kicking and punching was not an option for Juan (being raised in a dojo), but a life-long commitment of hard work and dedication.As a student of Master Angel G. Martial, he was given the opportunity to learn from a certified and recognized Kenpo Karate instructor. Martial received intense mental and physical training in the traditional ways of Karate by his father. This set precedence for his future goals to become a head instructor as well.The experience of learning Karate in the late 70's and on, allowed Juan to reinforce the true pillars that make the martial-arts. These pillars (discipline, respect, strength, and honor) are now the foundations of his training and way of life.Under his Master's guidance, he was able to carry on the Martial legacy by taking over his fathers school as head Instructor/owner, and (like Master Martial) inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2011, thus making his passion for the art a success.His journey continues to this day not only as a teacher, but as a student under the Instruction of world-renowned Senior Master of the Arts, Mr. John Sepulveda.

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