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Martial's Kenpo Karate

“Building Tomorrows Champions Today”

Martial’s Kenpo Karate has been serving southwest Kansas for over two decades. It has brought a professional teaching environment, backed by traditional philosophies to Garden City, Kansas and its surrounding areas. The pillars of M.K.K. (discipline, respect, strength, and honor) are continually passed down from instructor to student, while sharing the martial arts system of Kenpo Karate. Martial’s Kenpo’s students range in ages from 4 to 84 years young (and beyond), allowing each lesson to adapt to the individual, so anyone can enjoy the many benefits Karate has to offer. Surpassing twenty years has also given this school the opportunity to proudly bring hundreds of winning titles in the world of Sport Karate back to its home town. These titles include state, national, and world championships.

Martial’s Kenpo Karate offers group and private classes for men, women, and children that fit your time, budget, and future goals. All training is with certified instructors, in any of the programs. Enjoy access to a professional Dojo Monday through Saturday, to help meet your personal goals.



  • LiL' Tigers: for ages 4-7 the perfect starting point for your little one.

  • A.K.T.S. Kenpo Karate classes: for ages 8 and Up, that give you the best in modern and traditional martial-arts training for self-defense, physical fitness, competition, or just to enjoy the art form its-self.

  • Personal Fitness Training and Private Instruction to meet your physical, mental health, self defense or competition goals.


For more information:

Stop in and visit our new Garden City facility, leave us a message online, or call 620-272-0090 and set up an appointment today!


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